Excellence in Military Home Sourcing Nationwide

Realtor Referral Network, yes, but really so much more. We stand strong behind the wealth-building principles of military real estate investing to help our clients fulfill their lifelong goals with every sale. We are educated to empower our clients and we only work with the best! We are looking for Realtors throughout the country.


Education Centered

Born from the Active Duty Passive Income community, our foundation is home ownership education. Like-hearted agents help us lead the nation in knowledge based home sales.

Investment Focused

Every PCS is an opportunity for an investment that can change the future of a military family. Responsible home buys lead to legacy family wealth. Every purchase is an investment.

Veteran & MilSpouse Led

Owned by the ADPI Active Duty, Veteran, and Military Spouses team, ADPI Realty is military spouse and veteran led. We know our clients because we ARE our clients.


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